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Gender or Type?

The first sign that a different type of gambler existed became apparent when, in increasing numbers, women began to walk into previously male dominated Gamblers Anonymous meetings. This difference was initially misinterpreted as a gender issue -- that is, men gamble one way; women another. Even our Council literature reflected this misconception in early editions of our frequently revised article, Different Types of Gamblers.

We know today that this difference is not a gender issue. The accessibility of casino gambling affects women who have no previous history of gambling or compulsive gambling in the same way it affects men.

Note: Although an Action gambler may gamble for escape during the latter stages of the disease, it does not mean he/she now meets the criteria of the Escape gambler. His/her profile remains that of an Action gambler and his/her treatment should be planned using the Action gambler criteria.

Approximately 50% of all calls for help to the Arizona Council are from or about men with serious gambling problems. About 60% of these men meet the criteria for Action compulsive gambling and 40% meet the criteria for Escape compulsive gambling.

Click on the "Types of Gamblers" to read more about what type most accurately describes the experience or observation of your gambling or that of your loved one. This determination can greatly accelerate the recovery of the gambler by allowing a better understanding of the disease.

Compulsive gambling is a diagnosable and treatable disease, not a disgrace! 

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